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Trollface Quest: Horror (Unlimited Hints) Game

Trollface Quest: Horror (Unlimited Hints) 😱 · Play Online

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The browser version of Trollface Quest: Horror (with unlimited hints) continues the beloved Trollface Quest series that has mocked a countless number of popular films and video games to this day. The new installment does it again, but this time it does with famous horror flicks such as Scream, Saw and Gremlins. Be afraid and laugh at the same time! Play Trollface Quest: Horror online for free right now!
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Trollface Quest: Horror (Unlimited Hints) //
  1. 2D
  2. 2019 Year 📆
  3. Adventure 🔍
  4. Film based
  5. For Boys 👦
  6. Fullscreen 📺
  7. Funny 😆
  8. HTML5
  9. Horror 😱
  10. Modern
  11. Mouse Only 🐁
  12. Russian
  13. Stick 🏃
  14. Trollface 😏
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